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Agent job Step duration alert

KevKev Posts: 6 New member
Does SQL Monitor alert when a step in a multi step agent job exceed a pre defined duration or base line duration.
Our agent job has 30 steps some can run for several hours while others seconds.



  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,118 Diamond 4
    Hi @Kev,

    As related to job's, there is only the Job duration unusual alert which would trigger if the entire job duration, not just the step, was running longer than the baseline duration.

    For the individual step, it's possible it would raise a Long-running query alert for the query in the individual step but that is based on the Long-running query alert settings, which is a hard time threshold rather than a deviation from a baseline duration.

    I would suggest to raise a feature request on the SQL Monitor Uservoice forum here: for targeting individual steps of the job.

    Kind regards,
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