SQL SERVER 2008 - upgrade advisor warning about sqlbackup?

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Apologies if this has already been discussed. I searched on SQL Server 2008, but got an empty browser back, so I'm posting this here.

I'm getting ready to upgrade our data warehouse box to SQL Server 2008. The upgrade advisor returns this warning:
The DLLs that are listed in the report define extended stored procedures that have not been registered using the full path. These extended stored procedures will not work after upgrade because SQL Server will be unable to locate the DLLs. Use sp_dropextendedproc and sp_addextendedproc to drop and then reregister the DLLs with the full path.

This pertains to:
XP name: sqbdata
XP name: sqbdir
XP name: sqbmemory
XP name: sqbstatus
XP name: sqbtest
XP name: sqbtestcancel
XP name: sqbteststatus
XP name: sqbutility
XP name: sqlbackup

XP DLL name: xp_sqlbackup.dll

What is the proper procedure to perform the upgrade and continue to be able to use SQL Backup, please?
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