Moving SQL Backup to new server with existing name


We plan to upgrade a 2016 SQL server to 2019, but not in place. The 2019 server is being built on a new box, which will be renamed to match the existing 2016 server name (which will also have been renamed). What would be best practice to move the backup agent from the old to the new server?



  • Hi @JBaynham

    We would suggest removing the old server from the GUI, to avoid any confusion with the names from the new server being the same as the old, and then after the renames have happened, add the new server, which should then allow you to install the server components on the new server.
    You will also want to uninstall the Server Components from the old server. 

    Once the new server with the same name has been linked to the GUI it should retain the same backup routines
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