Consistent Lockups

stopgoingstopgoing Posts: 2 New member
I get lockups about once a day when the SQL prompt intelisense pops up.  It freezes SSMS completely.  Its been going on for over a year.  Only solution is to kill SSMS in task manager.  I've tried reinstalling both SSMS and SQL Prompt.  I am currently on latest versions of both.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Does it have anything to do with SSMS intelisense also running?


  • beaudetiousbeaudetious Posts: 5 New member
    I don't know if this qualifies as a lockup but I can't get any suggestions and when I select a new database or click Refresh suggestions, I see a dialog that is stuck on "Populating collations...". I too am using the latest versions of both SMSS and SQL Prompt to no avail.
  • Dan_JDan_J Posts: 449 Silver 2
    Hi @stopgoing

    Thanks for reaching out to us on this. I'm sorry you're seeing this issue!

    Just to absolute clarity on the cause of the issue, do you encounter any SSMS freezing when SQL Prompt suggestions are disabled (Prompt Menu > Options > Behavior > uncheck 'Show code suggestions')?

    Also, to rule out any possible conflicts, could you try disabling the SSMS native IntelliSense (Tools > Options > IntelliSense) whilst leaving SQL Prompt suggestions enabled to see if the issue continues?

    Finally, could you ensure Verbose logging is enabled ( Windows 2003)-,Verbose logging,-If you're troubleshooting) before then recreating the issue and providing the resulting log file?
    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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  • stopgoingstopgoing Posts: 2 New member
    I will try those, thank you.
  • Dan_JDan_J Posts: 449 Silver 2
    Hi @stopgoing

    Just to check, do you require any further help with this?
    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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  • GrimfellowGrimfellow Posts: 4 New member
    edited July 21, 2022 4:22PM
    Experiencing the same as well and running the latest version It runs for awhile then the database is locked messages start happening. Intellisense is disabled as suggested to no avail. SQL Prompt has also been reinstalled to no avail. Using the prior version I did not experience this.

    This was part of the log for the error:

    2022-07-21 12:08:53.448 -04:00 [Error] Report error dialog UI shown
    code = Busy (5), message = System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x800007AF): database is locked
    database is locked
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Step(SQLiteStatement stmt)
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader.NextResult()
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader..ctor(SQLiteCommand cmd, CommandBehavior behave)
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(CommandBehavior behavior)
       at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
       at RedGate.SqlPrompt.TabHistory.DocumentStore.MarkDocumentOpen(Int64 documentId)
       at RedGate.SqlPrompt.TabHistory.Monitoring.TabWatcher.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<OnDocumentOpened>b__0()
       at RedGate.SqlPrompt.UsageReporting.ErrorReporting.ErrorReporterWithUI.Do(Action action)
    2022-07-21 12:08:56.775 -04:00 [Debug] Tab not reconnected for reason: Document not found for id
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