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Azure Serverless: Formatting doesn't work

thomas12xthomas12x Posts: 2 New member
edited July 1, 2022 8:28PM in SQL Prompt
Hi there!

I am using serverless and/or dedicated Synapse SQL pools more and more recently. 

I can connect to those with SSMS perfectly fine, however SQLPrompt doesn't seem to work "as usual". I suspect it is because of the different TSQL syntax used in serverless/dedicated pools.

For example a "create external table" statement will not be formatted at all really (that by the was also an issue in SQL-server onPrem if you used Polybase...). And even more so the existing format gets cleared and everything is just put in one column without any line-break, indents etc.

"Normal" create table:

I would expect something like this for "create external table":

But instead am getting this:

And this is not even the biggest issue. In some other cases i am getting "syntax errors" from SQL prompt (the queries execute just fine though).

It would be great if you could consider adding support for Azure Synapse SQL pools in the future (or else the value added by SQL Prompt will diminish greatly for me in the months to come..).



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