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Removed Instances still showing in the 'Estate>Installed Versions" of SQL Monitor!

J_DJ_D Posts: 3 Bronze 1

As per the title:

 I have a couple of instances which were removed (Uninstalled)  a very long time ago.  These are still showing up with a status of 'Uknown' when I view the Estate>Installed versions section in SQL monitor. 

These instances were removed a good while ago - although the servers still remain with other installed instances.  I can see the instances showing in the database (Settings.Servers table) so it looks like some remnants were left behind when they were removed from SQL Monitor (after decommissioning of the instance)

Base monitor and Web Server are on V

Anyone else seen this and is there a process for removing them?



  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,127 Diamond 4
    For others who may come across this-

    In later versions there was added the option to remove SQL Instances that no longer exist from the UI on the Configuration > Monitored servers page, but for this version, removing and re-adding the entire entity on the Configuration > Monitored servers page (ensuring you do not tick the option to remove the existing data) causes the entity to be rediscovered without the instances that were removed previously.

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