Could not load the ASP.NET user's profile

I am having problems running ANTS Profile (Version 2.0 Build 368) on my localhost. I read the following topic: ... b8b118a586

I am not logged in as the same user that is running the aspnet_wp process and I did check the version on mscorcfg.dll (1.1.4322.573).

I still receive the following error when trying to run the Profiler:

There was a problem starting the profiler. Check that the ANTS Profiler
service and IIS are running. Could not load the ASP.NET user's profile. Please make sure you have administrative rights[2].
Please check the event log for more details.

I also checked to see whether I have administrative rights, which I do.

It goes through and stops the IIS service fine. The problem seems to occur when it tries to restart the IIS service.

I am running the trial version of the software, which I can easily activate as our company has several licenses.

Any suggestions?



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