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Missing features of SQL Prompt ?

Trek3000Trek3000 Posts: 1 New member
edited June 20, 2022 5:18PM in SQL Prompt

I am testing SQL Prompt right now. Looks interessting. I have some question to the SQL Formatter feature. 

- I want that all table columns names are Uppercase. Its this not possible?
- How to config the format of the CASE WHEN ELSE END structure? Really not possible? 
- I like to format the schema name lowercase, its not possible for the SQL formatter? 



  • Hi there,

    Thank you for reaching out about SQL Prompt.

    For your questions:

    SQL Prompt does not have the feature to change the capitalization of both column names or schema names.
    It currently only supports the capitalization of data types

    For your second question, all the formatting abilities of SQL Prompt should be in the "Edit formatting styles" option. For CASE, WHEN, ELSE, END, it will be located here.

    David Kim
    Product Support Engineer

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