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Use SQL Monitor in read only mode

mykaskamykaska Posts: 19 Bronze 2

Is any way I can restore a copy of working  SQL Monitor database
and use my own instance of SQL Monitor in Read Only mode (no metrics collected, only showing what is in the restored database)?


  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,118 Diamond 4
    Hi @mykaska,

    There isn't a read-only mode that works in that way (you can't make configuration changes rather than it not collecting data).  You could restore a backup to a separate SQL Monitor install and just keep everything suspended (it would be unlicensed anyway unless you wanted to use double the amount of licenses) at which point you could look back at the historical data that way.

    There was an issue before version 12.1.19 that didn't let you view the server overview for suspended entities, but that has been fixed, so you can see the overview info there as well as the metrics on the Analysis page.  Also you would probably want to set the retention period to forever so it didn't purge the old data (unless you planned on restoring newer backups when the old data was purged).

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