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Foreign Key generator with a filter on referenced table

I want to use to specify a filter on the parent table in order to select the data to be included in the Foreign Key generator



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    Hi @gagnonp

    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your Data Generator foreign key question.

    Are you able to provide some more details around your question, do you have an example of what you are trying to achieve.

    What generator are you using - is the the Foreign Key (automatic) or Foreign Key (manual)?  Can you send a screenshot of how you have it configured in the project?


    I don't believe this is possible with the normal generators - You may need to use the SQL Statement or Python generators to get linked columns, but I'm too sure that would work with Foreign Keys.

    If you can provide some more info on your desired outcome we can look at what may be possible

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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    fdavidl073fdavidl073 Posts: 1 New member
    edited December 4, 2022 10:49AM
    Hey there!
    I need help about screenshots. Can anyone tell me best website screenshot generator for unique screenshots maker online. thanks in advance.
    waiting response.  
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