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Filter (UI) not allowing underscore characters in table name

When in the UI Filter editor for SQL Source control,   I'm trying to select a table (object) where the name equals something like "Mytable_Table1".    

If I set the OBJECT EQUALS to that table name in the UI and look at the file, it adds brackets around the underscore like so: Mytable[_]Table1.    I'm assuming it treats this like a wildcard.    I have to manually go into the filter file and remove those brackets to get it to find the table to compare with. 

If I manually do that (which I have to do for all of my tables), and I ever go back into the filter UI again, it re-adds those brackets around every underscore again... Kind of a pain.

Why would it treat an underscore like a wildcard when I'm setting the filter to say EQUALS?  Is there any way to keep it from doing that while using the UI? Again, I can remove those fine in the filter, but going back into the UI re-adds the brackets again. 



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