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Time Exclusions for alerts/monitoring?

pkristolaitispkristolaitis Posts: 12
edited July 30, 2009 11:56AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
I've been playing around with SQL Response the last couple days (I already own a license as part of my Toolbelt, might as well use it! :) ), and before I roll it out into production I'm wondering if there is a way to disable alerts based on time of day?

The reason I'm asking is that we have nightly official 'maintenance' periods where we have a variety of batch jobs that run (ETL processes, etc) that trigger things like the long-running query alert. Since this is expected behaviour and we know what time it's supposed to occur, it would be great to be able to prevent SQL Response from raising alerts during these periods.

Any thoughts?
Peter Kristolaitis
Database Administrator
VON Canada


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    I second that -- I've got a suite of reports that run nightly and almost always trigger a CPU alert. I'd love to be able to tell it to ignore CPU alerts on a server between 1am-2am.
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    Thanks for the feedback, this is something we're currently planning to support in the next major release of SQL Response.

    It would be interesting to know the level of flexibility you'd need for your environments -- for eg, do you have periodic maintenance that runs weekly or at specific times of the month, in addition to a regular daily maintenance window? Please feel free to private message me or post back here if you've any further thoughts on this.


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    As for maintenance, it is weekly. I have nightly reporting services jobs that spike the CPU, which I don't mind, because I've dedicated that time window to generating those reports.

    I think you'd cover almost all needs if you allowed a per-server/per-database/time windows "ignore" period. That is, I might want to ignore long running queries against a specific database, but ignoring CPU usage is on a per-server basis.

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