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SQL Clone db's are functional but we are locked out of the console.

LJCLJC Posts: 2 New member
We did not lock down our SQL Clone console. I suspect a user changed a setting inadvertently and created this issue. 
Users can no longer access the console including myself even though I installed the product.  I have access to the VM. Is there a method to fix this on the vm so we can again access the console? 

We are now redirected to this:


We are sorry, but you don’t have the right permissions to access this page.
Contact your administrator and try again, or head back to the dashboard.



  • SujaySujay Posts: 38 Bronze 1
    edited June 13, 2022 10:16PM
    This issue is most likely due to a change in SQL Clone by a user may have been an admin and changed permissions.
    If you are using AD group permissions, possibly a change was made in AD that revoked access for a group of people at once.
    If you can access the SQLClone_Config database, then could you check the output of the following query?
    SELECT * FROM dbo.SqlClonePrincipals
    This should return the results of the users that have the rights and they should be able to login and grant the access.

    Note: The issue is resolved for LJC. Posting the suggestion here for a wider reference.
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  • LJCLJC Posts: 2 New member
    This is resolved. The user that inadvertently revoked all user access and added his access added my ad account back. Access is now configured properly with security enabled. Thanks for the assistance.
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