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Unable to delete image with 0 clones - "The image is still being used by other teams".

darrenpMBdarrenpMB Posts: 4 New member

I'm trying to delete some images which are no longer needed and have 0 clones. However, the delete icon is disabled and when hovered over shows the message "The image is still being used by other teams", but we have not created any team for them to be used by.
I deleted the images manually on the server instead, but they still appear in the list of images in the UI.

Any ideas?



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    Hi @darrenpMB

    What version of SQL Clone are you using?
    The first simple thing to try, is to close down all open Web Browser GUI's connected to SQL Clone.  Then on the machine running the SQL Clone Server, stop and restart the SQL Clone Server service.  Once the service restarts, reopen the SQL Clone Web Browser GUI and try again to delete the images you no longer require.
    Another method is to use Remove-SqlCloneImage PowerShell Cmdlet as per this help document. This will mean, if you have not already done so, downloading the SQL Clone PowerShell cmdlets via  SQL Clone Server Settings > PowerShell page.
    Kind regards

    Victoria Wiseman | Redgate Software
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