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Error Reporting from .NET DLL used in native application

I have a LabWindows/CVI application that is calling into a .NET DLL.  I'd like to add error reporting to the .NET DLL, but SmartAssembly shows the following messag:

"Because this assembly is a library, these options will not work automatically.  They will only work if accessed by an EXE that has been processed by SmartAssembly, or if you call ExceptionReporting.ReportException(Exception) manually."

Since I can't process my LabWindows exe with SmartAssembly, is there any way to automatically catch any exception that occurs within my .NET DLL?  In particular, I think the exception is occurring within a 3rd party UI library, and since it's part of the UI loop there's not a good place in my own code to call ReportException.

Unfortunately, the Windows Event Viewer doesn't show a stack trace, which is why I wanted to add SmartAssembly's error reporting to catch the error.

Any suggestions?
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