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Problems Configuring HTTPS

indiwaindiwa Posts: 4 Bronze 1
We followed the instructions at:

Regardless whether using a PFX file with a password or a certificate from the localmachine\my store, after restarting the SQL Monitor Web Service, the service immediately stops again.

The certificate is a valid Lets-Encrypt certificate, we tried a wildcard certificate and one for a specific host name.

The logs in:

C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Monitor\Website*

don't show any errors

After changing Warning to Debug in:

C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Monitor\Web\RedGate.SqlMonitor.Service.Web.logging.jsonc
C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Monitor\Web\RedGate.SqlMonitor.UI.Website.logging.jsonc

I get more information, but nothing really helpful.

Also adding the new thumbprint to:

C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Monitor\RedGate.SqlMonitor.AuthorizedClients.config

did not help

What else can we try here?

BTW The PowerShell script on the documentation page linked below does not work for non-English servers.


  • Hi there,

    I am glad to hear that you found the solution to your issue.

    "While there was no IIS installed on the server, Window's http.sys kernel driver was active and felt responsible for all https requests on the server. In our case this was because we had installed the Windows Admin Center gateway on the same server as SQL Monitor.
    To solve this I added a second IP to the server. The I limited http.sys to one of the IP addresses.
    In the Webserver.Kestrel.config I configured the other IP for SQL Monitor.
    After doing this the services starts and https for the site works."

    David Kim
    Product Support Engineer

  • jhislanderjhislander Posts: 1 New member
    After a gazillion trials, I finally got it working. I had exactly the same problem as indiwa. My solution though, was to use a different port for https.
    Here is my Webserver.Kestrel.config located under C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SQL Monitor

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
              <path>C:/ProgramData/Red Gate/SQL Monitor/SQLMonCert.pfx</path>

    A couple of notes:
    Even though I had changed the port already, [SQL Monitor Web Service] kept crashing after five or ten seconds of a start, until I stopped it myself after a restart. After that, it didn't crash again. Why? No idea, but I guess the crashing was hindering some stuff to be written down somewhere.

    Also, it would be nice with "real " examples in the documentation for the Webserver.Kestrel.config. In my case, I got confused with the / and the [ ]

    cheers, Javier
    p.s: fake password in case you are wondering

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