SQL Data Compare Not Saving Boxes That Are Checked Off In Project

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After checking off only certain tables and then saving the project. Completely close out of Data Compare, then reopen the saved project, it will load the compare with all tables selected (sometimes a few not selected).

***NOTE There appears to be a caching bug, where if you have tables already checked off and load the project again without closing out Data Compare, it will look like it's working, but when you completely close it out, all tables gets selected like the below:

Schema Compare seems to work OK.


  • Hi @vliu


    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your SQL Data Compare query

     This looks to be the expected behavior with saving projects. It stores details on the config and setup of your project but not the details of items selected for deployment.

     Referring to this page on our document site:



    A project contains details of:

    • the data sources you selected.  If you selected a backup as a data source, the project saves details of which backup files were used.
    • the connection details for your data sources
    • the project configuration options you select
    • your owner mappings
    • the tables and views you map and include in the comparison
    • any WHERE clauses you use to filter the results

    The project does not remember which tables or rows of data were selected for deployment.


    If this is a feature you would like to have implemented into SQL Data Compare I would suggest posting a comment against our UserVoice site. 

    It provides a gateway to our developers to highlight functionality our userbase would like to see implemented


    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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