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Automatic creation of the Monitor Database

In our environment we will have a large number of base monitors. I have been looking into scripting of the installation. I have manages to get the basic base monitor installation to work but I have not found any way to automatically create the Monitor Database! I can't see what use scripted installation has if you at the same time can't create the monitor database. Anyone that knows if this is possible or not?


  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Peter,

    Yes, you can automate the initial installation of SQL Monitor, however the repository database needs to be pre-created.
    It's possible to do this in a script, for example you can use the Invoke-SqlCmd Powershell cmdlet.
    Here's a simple example:
    invoke-sqlcmd -query "CREATE DATABASE [RedgateMonitor]"
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