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Sql Clone Image has been deleting for more than 24 hours

LisaMLisaM Posts: 1 New member
After removing all clones for an image I selected delete image in the gui. The delete has been running for more than 24 hours. It doesn't appear that the image will delete. What do I do?


  • @LisaM - if you go to the UNC path where the image is being stored, has the mounted VHDX been removed?
    It could be 1 of 3 scenarios in my experience of working with SQL Clone:

    1) The Image was deleted but SQL Clone wasn't able to update the SQL Clone Config DB properly to show it has been deleted

    -> If this is the case you can possibly (very carefully) update the SQL Clone Config DB for that particular image to show it has been deleted (you should see from the pattern of other images in the images table what status to update it to)

    2) SQL Clone was unable to delete the image from the fileshare so it is now stuck waiting for the deletion

    3) Something else entirely :-) 
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