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Visual Studio 2022 SQL Prompt options reset after closing Visual Studio

martin_danielmartin_daniel Posts: 8 New member
edited April 29, 2022 8:38PM in SQL Prompt
Closing Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.1.6 causes options to reset for SQL Prompt Version
Saved setting changes to a style do not reset, just ones in the options dialog.

Workaround: Set options in SQL Server Management Studio's SQL Prompt plugin.


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    martin_danielmartin_daniel Posts: 8 New member
    If it matters, the specific settings I was setting is Apply column alias style
    Add/remove square brackets
    Add/remove AS keyword on alias definition for tables and views
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    martin_danielmartin_daniel Posts: 8 New member
    I figured out that it may be related to SQL Prompt sharing the options between SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.  The version of SSMS I am running is v18.11.1.
    SQL Server Management Studio 15.0.18410.0
    SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) 16.100.47008.0+9f71e8549924d85d66afcca2b9f45a33061faa1b
    Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools 15.0.19750.0
    Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 10.0.19041.1
    Microsoft MSXML 3.0 6.0 
    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.30319.42000
    Operating System 10.0.19042
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    martin_danielmartin_daniel Posts: 8 New member
    A work around is to make the change in SSMS SQL Prompt, then the setting stick next time Visual Studio is open.
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