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Searching for a string in the entire db

appsDBAappsDBA Posts: 2 New member
I am very new to red-gate and still assessing the products from the 14 day trial.  I have a sql server, 2014 and I need to find what tables and how many rows contain a particular IP address.  Let's say  I want to search my MS SQL 2014 server for all occurences of "".  I need to know all the tables in which that string exists.
My first roadmap was to peform a back up and take the 'bak' file and convert it to a 'MySQL' database.  Reason being that searching for the string with MySQL is easy with phpmyadmin.  This would have given me all the tables.  Given red-gates suite of products.  What should I use to accomplish my task?  I would like all the options possible.  I have tried using 'Rebasedata' and it failed to convert from Ms SQL to MySQL.  So now I'm at red-gate.


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