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SQL Source Control and Git

I am a bit confused about the updating of local files within the "Linked" directory for a database.  As a bit of background, I have a database table that needs elements from both "mine" and "theirs".   For some reason, I can't pick which lines I would like to keep from which file.  I seem to have been able to do that in the past.  I decided to do the merge outside of SQL Source Control.  The specific file I am working on contains static data.

If I manually delete the table under "Data Model" "Data" it does not get replaced if I commit my local Database copy.  It also does not get replaced if I ask to "Get latest".  Is the "Keep Mine" static data just pulled directly from my database and displayed?  Where does this information go if I click to "Commit".  Is it simply tagged as being committed but not stored in the file system?  Where does the information come from when i click to "Get latest"?  It isn't in "Data Model" "Data".  If I click "Take theirs" and then click Commit, will that store into my local file system?



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