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Certain CDC objects appearing in Compare results

NarodulNarodul Posts: 1 New member
edited April 19, 2022 9:54PM in SQL Compare
Hi, I'm running version 13.8 of SQL Compare (14 fails with AD authentication on my cross-domain, non-Azure environment), and notice that CDC functions for a second capture instance on a given source table appear in the results.  The functions for the original capture instance do not appear.  But, because the change table for the second capture instance also doesn't appear in the results, when executing the resulting modification script, it fails, because it cannot create the CDC function over a CT that doesn't exist.

I've tried this with multiple tables, and each time, the originally-created capture instance is ignored by SQL Compare (desired outcome), but a limited range of objects for the second capture instance (which is used to handle schema changes) always show up.   

Also, the "Datetime wrapper function" appears in the Compare results, when it shouldn't (I believe), as it would be impossible to create in a non-CDC database without underlying objects having been created.

Is this expected behaviour (surely not)?  We can get around it by adding a specific filter, on functions, to exclude objects within the cdc schema, but a fix would be better.


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    Hi @Narodul

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this!

    Regarding your comment around issues with using AD authentication with SQL Compare 14, which AD authentication method are you using (e.g. Window authentication to an on-premise database)?

    Just an initial thought on the CDC function issue you have highlighted, does checking the 'Ignore change tracking' option (within the project options) have any impact on this? If not, I may need to reach out to you via a support ticket to gather more information on this.
    Kind regards

    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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