Large temp files in ODC directory causing disk space issues

We are in the process of moving our data compare processes from an old host to a newer one and so far all have been migrated except for one. The compare for the database host in question ends up using far more disk space than any of the other compares. They (the temp files) are created in the AppData\Local\Temp\Red Gate\ODC directory. When the compare is run for this database host, it creates over 250GB of temporary files in that directory For comparison, all of our other jobs that run (for around 6 different database hosts) only create around 70GB of temp files altogether.

One other thing we've noticed is that the MySQL Data Compare software does not seem to be creating these temporary files at all on the old host - but the comparison jobs still completes normally. When we migrated these jobs to the new host, we bean seeing the directory populated by these files. We are unsure if there is a software setting or other configuration we are missing on the new host that is causing this discrepancy.

Currently, these compare operations are started via a python script initiates the compare from the command line. We also empty the ODC directory on a weekly basis before the next compare is run.

We are aware there is a way to control what directory the files are created in, but is there a way to disable them entirely? What are the consequences to disabling the creation of these files?

What are the DC and ODC directories?

The version of our data compare tool is
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