Activity History will not load

ProtoProto Posts: 13 Bronze 2

I can't seem to get the Activity History to load for my local server & DB.

A strange thing: when I first start the UI, if I click on the server. I can see the history for the server. It is up to date. But if I open the server tree and click on a DB, the history will not load. If I click back on the server and the history will not load.

Another odd thing is that the activity history loads fine for a remote server.

I tried a few things mentioned on the forums here, but no luck.


Best Answer

  • petey2petey2 Posts: 87 Silver 3
    Try deleting the instance from the list of registered servers, then add the instance but this time select '1 week' for the amount of native backup and restore history to import.  Is the activity history then displayed correctly?
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