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Pull request not putting objects in the database

We are using Azure to house our databases. We use source control to push changes from our local to azure. The pull request is created and builds successfully. The problem is that the objects never get to the databae. The process works for our dev and production databases.


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    @Gail just to clarify, the Pull Request is created and built successfully, and then is this merged back into a deployable maser/trunk branch? Is the PR supposed to be deployed itself to a Testing environment, or Prod? or do you have some other steps in there?

    Secondly when you say "Azure to house our instances" / "push from local to azure" are you talking specifically about Azure DevOps? and are you developing locally / on Azure VMs or against Azure SQL DBs / Azure MI? 

    Also are you using SQL Change Automation in your Azure Pipeline for the Build Deploy steps or something else?

    Sorry for all the questions - I think it would take a bit more information about the process, build and deployment configuration and which exact components you're using before they could figure out where the break is in the process.
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