Citrix VDA 7.x Non Redgate licensed users gets SSMS locked

We are experiencing major SSMS locks when users who are not licensed are using SSMS on the same server. The organization I am working for requires me to use Citrix and I am not sure how I can doing for Source Control, without impacting on other users. 

I am a contract person and I am using Version Control extensively to make sure all my code is properly published and handled in GIT.

I had been a Version Control users for years on my 'local' system without issues.

Is there a way to make version Control a user base installation?

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    Ben_PBen_P Posts: 224 Silver 2
    Hi @jboyer, thank you for your post. 

    For a Citrix environment I don't believe there is a way to make SQL Source Control a user based installation. It will install it on the server and from there it would be available to all users. When the other users are using SSMS are they noticing that Object explore is slow to respond when navigating? 


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    jboyerjboyer Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    Yes. Slow is an understatement. It locks SSMS if you are not a registered user.
    SQLPrompt is showing on SSMS as greyed tab too. And it is awfully slow.

    It looks like these tools are not 'happy' in Citrix environment. (Unless you get your own Virtual Server...
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