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SQL Monitor Setup - Base Monitor and DB on same server

Good Morning all,
Is it possible to install the Base Monitor service and SQL Monitor Database on the same server?
We are looking at How SQL Monitor works - SQL Monitor 12 - Product Documentation (red-gate.com)


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    Hi @VeltriA, Thank you for your post. 

    The Base Monitor and the SQL Instance hosting the Database repository can exist on the same server.  The requirements to do this will depend on the number of servers to be monitored.
    Hardware and performance guidelines can be found here:
    In the "example specifications" paragraph:

    If you choose just the web interface, then this will be a 1- or 2-machine installation, with the Base Monitor and Web Server services running on the same machine, and the SQL Monitor database also on the same machine, or remote. In larger estates, the overhead on a single server of running both services, plus reading and writing data to the repository, could affect the performance of the monitoring service. The recommended starter configuration is generally two separate servers, one to host the Base Monitor and Web Server, and one to host the SQL Monitor database.
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