How to view saved Results prnx file

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Following execution of a DataGen project I saved the result report with the intent to be able to open it later.  The only file extension option when saving is ".prnx"

How does one open this File after the fact? 
Does the DataGen tool have the ability to open the reports it generates? I can't find it.

Edit: I noticed now after the fact there is a separate export report button.



  • Hi @Aaron_S3


    Thanks for reaching out on the Redgate forums.

     I see your edit and that you have located the export functionality- perfect.


    The report does output to a prnx format which is a format for the XtraReports reporting tool used to display reports in some of our solutions.
    There are ways to load these files into other tools to view & print them however the simplest way is to export the report into the format you need straight from the program

    Clicking the Export button drop-down will provide various output options. 

    Selecting your desired format will bring up a new dialog box allowing you to tailor the output further before saving to file.

    Glad you found this functionality and hope it helps your usage of SQL Data Generator in the future.

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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