SQL Prompt "Check For Updates" does nothing

"Check For Updates" in SQL Prompt  does nothing. No response of any kind after selecting this menu. This is after indicating new version is available a few hours ago (I didn't upgrade to it)

This may be related to the fact that they just (3/30/2022) released new version causing problems and probably removed it soon after (https://forum.red-gate.com/discussion/88924/ssms-now-crashes-regularly-after-latest-sql-prompt-update) however IMO the update check should always indicate some sort of the result, no matter what the deal is on the back end.


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    Hi Joe, Thank you for your post.

    You are correct in your assumption. The reason the CFU did not work was because the release for SQL Prompt 10.11.8 was pulled shortly after it was released due to an issue with it crashing SSMS. We have now released SQL Prompt 10.11.9 though which fixes this issue. That version should now show as available when using CFU. 
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