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Sql Prompt not Qualifying object names

My version of SQL prompt is
My version of SSMS is 15.0.18410.0
My Sql server version is 14.0.3401.7 (X64)

I have been using Sql Prompt for a number of years now and have always enjoyed the Qualify Object Names feature. I recently had to reload my operating system and therefore all my production tools, including Sql Prompt. The Qualify Object Names feature no longer works. I have tried very simple queries and also complex queries, the screen appears to flash but no object names are aliased. I have tried specifying the alias with the "AS" keyword and also without.

So far ALL other features of the product work just fine. I have "Enabled Verbose Logging" but nothing of interest is found in the logs.

Please can you assist?


(+27) 82 2590562



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