Backup to AWS and Azure

Good morning,
is it possible to perform a backup both to AWS and Azure from the same server instance?
In our configuration, if SQL Backup is linked to Azure, it looks like it is not possible to also link to an S3 bucket.

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  • Hi, no, it's not possible to upload to 2 different cloud storage providers using SQL Backup at this time.
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  • pellegrinipellegrini Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks for your reply. Any known workaround for this? Maybe running two SQL Backup instances on the same server? Thanks for any insight on this!
  • It isn't possible to set up two SQL Backup Agent services to serve a single SQL Server instance.  There would be a conflict with the inter-process communication objects used for the SQL Backup extended stored procedure and the SQL Backup Agent.

    You would probably need to use third-party tools that can detect when a new backup file has been created, and upload the files to the appropriate cloud storage provider.
    SQL Backup - beyond compression
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