Support for NET 6

Hi, the version 11 was released over a year ago and does not seem to suppot NET 6.
Are there any plans when NET 6 will be supported?

Thank you!


  • Hi Tobias, this functionality is presently being worked on and will be announced on the forum and release notes, hopefully in the near future. No exact date is available though.
  • webnetismwebnetism Posts: 7 New member
    I'm quite surprised that this question has only come up twice. Do we have any update on this?

    We have not had any update since January 2021 and cannot use it on current operating systems, IDEs or projects. It isn't really fit for purpose.
  • webnetismwebnetism Posts: 7 New member
    While we are here... what about .Net 7 (expected in November 2022 but in preview) and .Net 8 (the year after).
  • Any progress on that? We bought the developer bundle with a 3 year support contract, but do not receive a critical update to use that product with the current technology? 
  • I am in the same abandoned boat. 
    I am going to evaluate 
  • ADaveyADavey Posts: 1 New member
    Is there any update on this post please as we are using .net 6, version 11 of the profiler was released in January 2020 to support .net 5. An update would be appreciated as this issue is hindering our progress.
  • Hi All, 

    Unfortunately there is no concrete date for when this will be added. Of our .Net tools the main focus is SmartAssembly and so more development time is allocated for that. 

    The licenses for the ANTs tools are perpetual so you would be able to let the support and upgrades renewal lapse until support for .Net 6 and 7 is released. This way you can still use the tools with your current license. 
  • webnetismwebnetism Posts: 7 New member
    That is at least more promising than what you told me yesterday.

    "I'm sorry to say that currently there is no roadmap to add those as supported platforms this at this time."

    I think I would prefer to be able to profile my .Net 6 applications rather than obfuscate them (given that most are held on a server and accessed through a browser)
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    I actually don't see how the answer of Ben_P does help anything. I have a 'perpetual' license for a .NET version we are not using any longer. Thank you very much! And if some time for instance .NET 6 is finally supported, I have to renew my license to be able to use that already outdated version, although I didn't get updates for 2 years within my support license. Are you serious?
  • frunobulaxfrunobulax Posts: 5 New member
    I have been using ANTS and related tools for over a decade, but will not renewing this year because of lack of .NET 6 and .NET 7 support.

  • GhyathGhyath Posts: 1 New member
    I am have the same problem, I used to use ANTS a lot in the past. Now I am not able to since I am using .NET 7
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