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Alerts don't show

I have SQL Monitor set up to capture data on Azure Managed Instance. In the configuration tab, the status reads "Monitoring / Connected" and the server is marked as a production server. When I go to the Overview tab, it is collecting and reporting data. All stats and queries show what I would expect to see. Also, the Reports tab is also reporting data as expected.

When I go to the Alerts tab, the All Servers folders is showing that there are alerts but I can't seem to get the Alerts to show up. I have Slack messages set up and when the alert is triggered, it does send the notification to Slack but for some reason I can't see them in browser.

I've tried adding / removing filters. I've verified that there aren't any active suppressions or anything like that. I also tried reading some of the data from the SQL database set up by SQLMonitor in the alert.Notifications and related tables and I can see that they are in the database. I've tried suspending and resuming. I removed the server all together and re-added it.

Any ideas on what is preventing them from showing up?

Best Answer

  • Goodman625Goodman625 Posts: 4 New member
    I don't have an explanation, but as of yesterday morning, Alerts and the rest of SQL Monitor are working as expected. I will mark this as answered on open another question / follow-up with an email to support if it fails to work again.


  • Hi Goodman625

    If you browse into the production, staging, development folders do these show as no alerts as well? 
    Additionally if you look in the "analysis" tab and select one of the managed server metrics and show does everything here show correctly? 
  • Goodman625Goodman625 Posts: 4 New member
    I have browsed to the Production, Staging and Development folders. They all show nothing. The server in question was set as a Production server and nothing shows there.

    For the Analysis tab, the following sections all report data
    Azure SQL Managed Instance database metrics
    Azure SQL Managed Instance machine metrics
    Azure SQL Managed Instance metrics

    None of the other sections report anything.
  • Goodman625Goodman625 Posts: 4 New member
    Any update or ideas on getting these alerts to show? I still have not been able to resolve this on my own and these alerts are the primary use for this tool.
  • Hi Goodman625

    I will send you an email to raise a ticket as I will need to take a look at your log files
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