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We have a decently sized SQL estate being monitored by SQL Monitor.  As a result of a recent penetration test, it was suggested that under IPv4 we disable NETBIOS.  As soon as I do this the Redgate monitors stop talking to one another.  I'm pretty sure if I stop monitoring by the DNS name and switch to IP, it will likely work.  The problem is this.  When Redgate alerts it sends the DNS name of the server.  My assumption is that switching away from named servers will result in an IP # instead, with a large estate it will be a royal pain to have to memorize each servers IP and function.  Does anyone have an idea of a work around or approach that might work? 


  • Hi vbrulz1974

    I haven't been able to get the same behavior to occur. I am going to raise a ticket as I would like some further information from you on this.
  • vbrulz74vbrulz74 Posts: 3 New member
    Thank you!!  Sorry, had to log in with a different profile to reply for some reason.  I'd be happy to provide you any information you would need.  
  • vbrulz74vbrulz74 Posts: 3 New member
  • ATurnerATurner Posts: 172 Silver 2
    edited May 11, 2022 7:01PM
    Hi vbrulz74

    I sent you an email on March 11th however i did not get a response? I have sent another one just now. 
  • vbrulz74vbrulz74 Posts: 3 New member
    Apologies.  I get nearly 1,000 emails a day with automations.  I will get you whatever you need from our side.  Much appreciated. Thank you Adam.  Yeah, we turn off Netbios TCP/IP and instantly the server is unreadable for SQL monitor.  I suspect if I delete it and add it again by IP it will find it again.  Because we have so many servers and the alerts are server specific, I may learn the IP to name conversion, but none of my other team members will.  I know there is a way to associate IP to DNS entry in windows for web development.  Could that apply here?  
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