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Including or excluding a schema in Filter.scpf seems to have no effect

I am using Sql Compare with the following commandline options:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Change Automation PowerShell\SC\SQLCompare.exe  
/sourcecontrol1 /sfx:"D:\...\SourceControl.txt"
The filter.scpf file has the following to exclude the dbo schema:

<Schema version="1">
     <Expression xsi:type="xsd:string">(@NAME = 'dbo')</Expression>

I also tried including only a specific schema like so:

<Schema version="1">
     <Expression xsi:type="xsd:string">(@NAME = 'MySchema')</Expression>

Both methods don't exclude dbo, I added a dummy column to a dbo.table to test this and the dummy gets removed after running the command (using both methods).


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    LouisSomersLouisSomers Posts: 23 Bronze 2
    When running the same command adding /verbose, the output shows this line three times:
    Event Aggregator: No registered listeners for RedGate.Compare.CommonUI.Shared.Events.FilterChangedThe full log is included in the support ticket (268965).
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    John_GeJohn_Ge Posts: 1 New member
    having the same issue SQL Compare V14.7.8.21163, gui vs command line. command line doesn't actually filter, but the GUI does.
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