performing a lookup on another table

creating a synthetic data gen project.

Within the table i'm populating i have two fields relevant to this question: a ProductId field which acts as an Id to a row in another table and a TotalValue field. I want to use the Id field to lookup the price in another table and then multiply this price by a random order quantity.



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    I understand my colleague Eddie has reached out to you via the ticket (268290) we have open for you for this issue. We will continue to troubleshoot this with you via that ticket.
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  • doreynoldsdoreynolds Posts: 3 New member
    i received an answer, but just want to check. you are saying that when i'm specifying the sythetic generation i can't use one of the fields as part of a sql query ?  i wasn't wanting you guys, to write a generator for me just trying to understand the product and what it can do. if i've raised this question in the wrong place just tell me where i should raise instead). thanks
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