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Best Practice for creating a database related to Sql Change Automation

The practice of using DevOps is something newer to my company.  We are starting a new project using Sql Change Automation and it is currently just in development so far.  But we were discussing where should the actual create of the database occur.  Is that usually just manually handled or should it be apart of our project?  Also how are the logins on the server handled as well.  I was trying to search forums for this, but wasn't finding what I was needing.



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    Hi @amdenning

    In terms of creating the database, are you referencing the baseline target database? If yes, this can be located on any server where the credentials you place have access. I would recommend it somewhere on your local network and not on a cloud platform, as there could be performance issues there. This database is something you can create manually before hand, or use an existing database already. 

    I would recommend keeping the shadow database on a local network as well. This will default to the server you select the development source from.

    In terms of your other questions, you might find our documentation can be of assistance here. I'll link below our support documentation, as well as the Redgate University videos to help you get started.



    Also, this is a specific section in relation to your question about the logins/users:


    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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    pbsalundpbsalund Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks for posting the question @amdenning. I too have drawn a bit of a blank in searching for an answer to this problem.

    My company is in a similar place in terms of starting out on our DB Devops journey and I'm currently in the process of investigating the various tools that are available.

    For us it's crucial that our chosen tool/solution includes the automated creation of databases as-and-when needed. We can't exactly call our process fully automated if we have to manually create our DBs before the automation is able to begin.

    So for me, I'm still in need of a little clarification which I've summed up with the 2 questions below.

    Can SQL Change Automation be used for automated creation of DBs?
    If not, what tool could be used for db creation as part of a fully automated db creation and update process?
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