Please add warnings that this extension only works under Windows (or fix buggy warnings)

mortenmortenmortenmorten Posts: 1 New member
edited February 17, 2022 3:42PM in SQL Prompt in ADS
Hi! There's a pop-up built into SQL Prompt advising that the extension doesn't work for Mac / Linux currently. But the code for the pop-up is broken. Linux uses a case-sensitive file system and you want to load 'styleQuickPickItem.js' but the file is called 'StyleQuickPickItem.js'. Only by renaming the file do we actually get to the point where we are informed that the extension does not work on this operating system. I would suggest that you at least write it in the description in the marketplace.

The pop-up leads you to this secret discussion where I can't comment. And I can't create new suggestions. 

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