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Open in Excel empty cells not empty

Remko1981Remko1981 Posts: 11 Bronze 1
edited February 7, 2022 7:46AM in SQL Prompt
When i use the very handy feature of 'Open in Excel' by right clicking in the result grid cells which contained a NULL value are left blank which is very useful. Though if i create a pivot table from the exported data empty cells are counted as if there is data inside them.
Manually clicking delete on blank cells solves this problem but this is not feasible on large datasets. When i now need to do counts for values i replace all empty cells with a value and then switch the fields so that the cells are truly empty.

This behavior for us is very error prone since i almost send out a compliance report which scored 100% while the compliance was much lower than that.

Before clicking delete on empty cell(Aantal = Count).

After manually clicking delete on 1 cell:


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