Does SQL Compare support Azure SQL TDS? Comparing Microsoft Dynamics 365's Read Only Access SQL

I'm attempting to use SQL Compare to compare the schemas of two D365 DBs - I dont think you can appreciate how incredibly helpful this would be. Does the product support accessing the readonly Azure SQL DB via url and port such as this: ",5558" ? This is specifically MS SQL Tabular Data Stream


  • Hi @devman2k

    Can we ask, as Dynamics exposes a read-only connection for querying, what is the benefit of using SQL Compare on this?

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  • edgatefanedgatefan Posts: 1 New member
    We wrote a app which will connect to on-perm sql db and move all the entities and attributes values to Dynamics 365 (Cloud). Now we have a challenge to validate our data that is in Cloud Db. 
    We want to compare the data to verify all the entities and the values of each attribute migrated are correct.
  • devman2kdevman2k Posts: 2 New member
    To Answer DanC Question - 

    No one using Microsoft Dynamics 365 online can use your product today. If the product does support TDS then ALL Microsoft Partners and Customers (thousands) can use your product to do exactly what Edgatefan just mentioned and what I stated in my post. That is the ability to check both Data and Schema from Instance to instance on-prem and cloud and cloud to cloud.

    Which again I can not state strongly enough would be huge for every data migration, conversion, implementation and upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics 365. None of the core redgate products work with Dynamics 365 online - or Dynamics Business Central online.

    We are literally left with rebuilding the same exact tooling you offer for schema compare, and data compare. It is not fun. nor necessary if we only had your tooling. I did not renew my subscription since going to CRM online but sorely needed it. 

    Feel free to DM me or call for further details
  • Hi @edgatefan @devman2k

    In this case, I would advise posting the idea on the UserVoice for the Product Managers to review:

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