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Problem installing Trial version on SQL Monitor

I've got to Selecting the repository database.

I choose to create a new database - calling it Redgate and using Windows Authentication.
I can see the database successfully created in my default instance.

But...then it goes back to the 'Installation Options' window, but the 'Next >' button is greyed out.
Per the installation video I have seen, I should now be able to click on the 'Next>' button...

Also......if, instead of creating a new database, and choose to select an existing database....I choose my local server, but there are no databases listed in the drop down.  It looks like it can't 'see' the databases.  But...'I' am a sysadmin, so should be able to.  AND it 'was' able to 'create' a database.


  • doninwalesdoninwales Posts: 2 New member
    OK, I got it to work if I specified a SQL login/password
  • Hi @doninwales,

    The creation (or selection) of the database is done by the user that the installer is running as, but when you complete that popup you still need to enter the credentials as you have seen (either a Windows user who will run the base monitor service that can also access the data repository that has been specified or a SQL auth user (in which case the base monitor service runs as Local System and uses the SQL Auth user to connect to the repository).

    I do see that the list of databases isn't populating like it previously has so that appears to be an issue, though as you may have seen you should be able to type in the database name to use an existing one still.  I've raised this with the team as SRP-14097 since it did previously list the databases (looks like it works correctly 12.0.12 and earlier). 

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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