State value mapping in SQL Clone Config Database

What states do the values represent in the State column of the Operations, Images, and Clones tables in the SQLClone_Config database?  Is there a table where the mappings of state (integer) to state descriptions can be found?

Robert Reid

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    owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 57 Silver 4
    Hi Robert,

    Here's the listing as of version 5.3.2.

    1. UserRequested (a user has told the Clone server to perform an operation)
    2. DispatchedToAgent (the Clone server has told the agent to perform the operation)
    3. Started (the agent has begun working on the operation)
    4. Successful (the operation succeeded)
    5. Faulted (the operation failed)
    6. Canceled (the operation was cancelled before it succeeded or failed)

    1. BeingCreated (SQL Clone is creating the image)
    2. Created (the image is ready to use)
    3. Missing (more or less unused)
    4. Deleted (the image has been deleted)
    5. BeingDeleted (the image is being deleted)
    6. FailedToCreate (image creation failed)

    1. BeingCreated (SQL Clone is creating the clone)
    2. Online (the clone should be available in SQL Server)
    3. Offline (the clone storage exists but we can't online it for some reason)
    4. Missing (the clone storage or data files isn't accessible)
    5. Deleted (the clone has been deleted)
    6. BeingDeleted (the clone is being deleted)
    7. FailedToCreate (clone creation failed)
    8. ImageInaccessible (the clone's host machine can't access its parent image, so we can't risk using it)
    9. CleanUpRequired (we couldn't delete the clone when requested, but will clean it up when we can)
    10. BeingReset (the clone is being reset back to its initial state)
    11. AgentOffline (we don't know the clone's state because we can't contact its agent)
    Hope that helps!

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    Redgate Software


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