Copy backup to network error.

vidarmvidarm Posts: 7

I can not seem to get the network copy to work.

1) I have shared a folder on my "folder-backup Server".
2) Both my sql server and backup servers are i the same domain.
3) I can browse to my backup server from my sql server through Windows Explorer, all the way down to my backup-sql folder.

But if I try to insert my shared folder into SQL Backup, and press "Test", I get "An unknown error occured"

And if I try to browse for the network server (the three dots ...), I can add the server to the list, but when I try to browse the server, it is empty (there are no sub-branches)

I have tried with the server name, and with the IP number without any luck.


  • Hi vidarm,

    What is the Log On account for the SQL Backup Agent Service?

    You can check this by opening Windows Services on the SQL Server machine, scrolling down to SQL Backup Agent and viewing Properties>Log On.

    Is this a domain account with access to the network share?

    If not could you please stop the Service, change the Log On account to a domain account with access, start the service and retry the Test?

    Matthew Flatt
    Redgate Foundry
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