Feature request in formatting of code


Having just recently discovered the SQL Prompt for ADS, I was quick to play around with the extension as I've been looking for a formatter where almost everything could be configured to match our style in the team.
What we have come up with so far is almost perfect

I've added two examples (depending on your alias preference) on what we're trying to achieve (left the formatter, right the format we're trying to achieve)

Example1 https://imgur.com/qeqnUq8
Example2 https://imgur.com/z7mBUql

1. Alignment of Aliases, although it's listed under lists it's affecting all aliases even tables, would it be possible to not have it affect tables ?
2. IIF statements do not appear to be supported in the same way CASE WHEN is, we format those too in a similar matter as CASE WHEN.
3. Depending on the Alias position (if you do Column As Column1 or Column1 = Column) would it be possible to make an option for CASE and IIF to start with a line break and be indented below? 
4. For CASE WHEN an option to make the WHEN align to indented tabstop would be nice, a lot of us use tab and not spaces and different applications.


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