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Question about Always On monitor capabilities

We have a case where we'd like to set an alert for wait statistics in an Always On instance. The alert is being tripped by the secondary replica with normal sync activity. Can we set an alert to ignore the secondary replicas?

We are on version Thanks for any assistance!

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    squigleysquigley Posts: 237 Gold 1
    Thanks for the update on your end.
    Unfortunately there isn't an "ignore this secondary replica" option natively available within SQL Monitor. We would recommend working around this via disabling it at that server level (and then re-enable it if there was a fail-over and disable it on the new secondary). Apologies for the inconvenience that this brings.

    If you would like for this to become a native feature I would highly recommend creating a user-voice request so that the developers can see the demand for it: https://sqlmonitor.uservoice.com/forums/91743-suggestions


    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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