Copy back from S3?

Hi folks,

Backing up to an S3 bucket with SQL Backup is working very well however are there any plans to allow a restore from a bucket?  Seems a bit of gap in functionality when it's able to copy files from a server to an S3 bucket but unable to do it the other way before a restore.... Unless of course I'm missing a trick ;)

Logging in to S3 and manually downloading the files on the server isn't really an option for me....


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    Hi @TedMaulUK2

    Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this!

    I'm glad that backing up to an S3 bucket is working well for you! I completely agree with you that not having restore functionality is a bit of a gap, however I'm afraid that there are currently no plans to add it.

    I have made our development team aware of this suggestion, however I'm not able to advise on whether or not they will look to at this functionality in the future.
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    Dan Jary | Redgate Software
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