Filter.scpf file not applied in dbbuildtask

Hi all,
Within our database Microsoft Dynamics pushes data to the database and maintains tables, stored procedures, and functions it uses for doing this work.
We have excluded these from our SCA project using a filter in the Filter.scpf file.

    <Filters version="1">
      <None version="1">
        <Expression>((@NAME LIKE 'crm%') AND (@SCHEMA = 'dbo'))</Expression>

We are adding a view that references one of these tables 'dbo.crm_bkl_asset' and getting an error.
How can we use these tables that are in the database but not under the control of SCA.

##[warning] DbBuildTask: ERROR D:\a\1\s\Migrations\1.1.0-Changes\022_20220113-1125_fred.sql(0,0): Invalid object name 'dbo.crm_bkl_asset'.


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