Exclude specific SQL Agent job from monitored servers at group level.

Hi Team,

I wanted to exclude a particular SQL agent from monitoring ,
so I used an expression like [entered job name here] to configure the alert under Exclude jobs with names matching the following regular expressions field. 

after I configured the SQL alert using the expression above, for some reason , SQL monitor stopped reporting job failing alerts and stopped logging the failure alert. 

is there any way we can use a expression to exclude a specific job name at Monitored server group level. 

Thanks in advance. 


  • Hi @dravikan

    The brackets shouldn't be required, as I have tested this in my own environment and found that it can have the brackets or not. It works either way.

    In saying this, I've tried to replicate the issue you've encountered, but have been unable to do so. With or without brackets, the failed job alerts still come through should another job with a different name fail.

    It could be possible that you're on an older version of SQL Monitor, so please make sure that's updated. My testing was done on

    Kind regards,

    Kurt McCormick
    Product Support Engineer, Redgate

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