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SQL Source Control Version - unable to connect to remote server through port forwarding

This affects multiple products (including sql comapre).
I had a workstation failure and had to rebuild.  So I'm running the most recent version of Redgate tools.  I no longer have the old machine so I can't say for sure what the previous version was though I had most recently installed around late october.

I'm able to connect to local and machines on my local network.  However, when using port forwarding I can connect to remote servers via SSMS but Redgate tools appear to fail to connect and throw up an error regarding named pipes.  This seems strange.  Is Redgate defaulting to using named pipes because the port forward lands on,xxxxx?

Please advise or redirect.  I apologize if this breaks etiquette I have not posted here before.

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    Tapper21Tapper21 Posts: 2 New member
    Answered my own question.  It looks like this version of SQL Compare is automatically inserting the hostname for the server when launching SQL Compare from within SSMS.  The hostname needs to be overwritten with the ip each time.  This seems inconvenient but I'm operating.

    This issue also affects data compare.
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